The Asian Fencing Championships 2013 were held in Shanghai, China from the 4th – 9th of June. Absolute Fencing is extremely proud to have fielded 8 out of the 23 fencers who were represented Singapore.

The Men Foil team did our country proud as they finished in 6th place for the second time in the Asian Fencing Championships Men Foil team event, qualifying for the 2014 Asian Games with their performance. The boys faced off with Thailand, a country strong in the men foil event, in the round of 16. Joshua scored the a point in the final 6 seconds of the match, evening the score for Singapore and buying them more time as they went into the priority round. Singapore eventually went on to beat Thailand 42 – 41. The boys lost to the world class Korean team in the quarter-finals but went on to defeat Taipei with absolution, winning 45 – 26 in the 5 – 8 place classification round. Unfortunately the boys lost to Iran in the next classification round with a score of 45 – 42.

The Women Epee team outdid themselves, achieving a top 8 placement for the team event. This is the first time that the Singapore Women Epee team has gotten such a result at the Asian Fencing Championships and it is their best result at AFC to date. In their close-fought top 16 match against Uzbekistan, Victoria evened the score for Singapore in the last 8 seconds of the match. She then went on to score an extra point, winning the match for Singapore and bringing them into the top 8 round. The girls lost to China, a powerhouse epee team, in the round of 8. They then went on to fence Japan in the 5 – 8 place classification round.The girls fought extremely hard for the first half of the match but Japan proved to be too strong and overpowered Singapore to win in the last 4 bouts.

Members of the Singapore Contingent:

Men’s Foil: Zhang Zhenggang, Tan Yuan Zi, Lim Joshua Ian

Men’s Sabre: Choy Yu Yong

Women’s Epee: Victoria Ann Lim Xiu Yan, Goh Wan Qi, Elizabeth Ann Lim Yu Yan

Women’s Foil: Wang Wenying