A free and easy class for those of you who have a hidden desire for duelling and those who want to keep fit through some exciting fencing bouts. Get your heart pumping, legs moving, arms stretching, brain working and adrenaline pumping in this fun class, all while making new friends and looking classy as hell.


  • 13 yrs and above only
  • 120 minutes per lesson
  • On-going class 
  • Every Sunday from 7pm to 9pm
  • Need to have personal equipment / Rental at a fee
  • Class packages:
    • $320 nett – 10 sessions
    • $615 nett – 20 sessions ($25 off)
    • $885 nett – 30 sessions ($75 off)
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*A 60 minutes long trial lesson can be arranged at $30 per person. A family discount of 50% is available for each subsequent member.

*If you sign up classes with us right after the trial, the fees for the trial lesson will be waived.