• Electric sabre glove, washable, CE EN 13567 Niveau 1
  • The Ecoline glove is our low-cost, entry-level model for kids. The fencing glove made of persistent Alcantex is washable and comfortable to wear.
  • Allstar Electric Sabre Cuff

    $47.00 SKU: ASSM

    Electric sabre cuff  (size L-M-S) FIE, washable

  • The allstar Combi glove for foil and epee fencing is one of our topsellers due to its great price-performance ratio. The washable glove made of persistent Alcantex is comfortable to wear and the perfect choice for young fencers and amateurs. However, despite - or perhaps because of – its simplicity several professional athletes wear our Combi glove.
  • Sale!

    Allstar Combi Glove ‘Deluxe’

    $50.00 SKU: ASAKHDL
    Combi glove De Luxe, for all weapons, artificial leather, washable. CE EN 13567 Niveau 1 without gap for body wire according to new FIE-regulation
  • with anit-slip coating on the inside. CE-certified. without gap for body wire according to new FIE-regulation
  • Allstar Glove ‘Hyper-X’

    $72.00 SKU: ASAKHHX
    Hyper-X – wear innovation.
    Our premium glove Hyper-X combines extremely high comfort and a perfect grip with a modern design. Keyfacts:
    • unmatched wearing comfort due to the use of innovative high-tech materials
    • inlay made of 100% Kevlar
    • foam padding on the upper hand
    • elastic neoprene applications
    • elastic wrist strap
    • Keprotec reinforcement on the inside
    • high abrasion-resistance
    • anti-slip coating for a perfect grip
    Please note that especially women may need half a size smaller than they usually use for allstar gloves.
  • Allstar FIE Sabre Glove 800N

    $98.00 SKU: ASASH800N
    Our 800N electric sabre glove Supreme combines highest allstar quality, great wearing comfort with superior durability. For this new generation of allstar sabre gloves a special 800N fabric was chosen. The elasticity of this new fabric is way above average. Due to the use of our premium Inox material for the cuff, the glove can be washed without running the risk of oxidation.