Resilience is an advanced level class for fencers who are already proficient in their fencing techniques. Learn from various National and International Champions to expand your repertoire and take your game to the next level. Classes will be more challenging and vigorous, with a focus on improving effectiveness in competitive fencing. More time will be allocated to sparring and to foster friendly competition amongst peers in the class. As fencers mature in their understanding of the game, they can start to prepare for age-appropriate competitions and get ready to shine on a stage of their own. Master techniques, fence strategically, and forge a strong fighting spirit with Absolute Fencing’s Resilience programme.

  • Choose among three categories:
    • Kids (6 to 9 yrs) – 90 mins per lesson
    • Kids (10 to 12 yrs) – 120 mins per lesson
    • Adults (13 onwards) – 120 mins per lesson
  • On-going class
  • Need to have personal equipment / Rental at a fee
  • Please contact us for the fees details
  • A 45 minutes long trial lesson can be arranged at $50 per person.
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